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Why we kiss?

Kissing is usually a show of affection between two people. A kiss can be passionate, aggressive, flirty or used as simple greeting. But why do we do it? What's the science behind our desire to kiss? ...
home field advantage

Sports junkies, bookies and statisticians have long pondered this question. Does home field advantage really exist? Today we're going to dive into the world of sports and find out if home field advantage is real, and if so, what causes it. ...
Windows AC fuel efficiency
Fun Facts

We've had this question asked a few times recently and decided to investigate it. Which method of driving is more efficient; driving with your windows down and AC off or driving with your windows up and AC on? Today we find out. ...
What is the hottest temperature?

We did a little blurb about this topic last year. Today, we decided to expand upon the question with more details since the answer can be complex, yet extremely interesting. We want to break it down a bit more so it can appeal to a more casual reader. ...