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Zidbits – Learn something new everyday! | April 1, 2015

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Welcome to – Here we explore the most interesting factoids and tidbits of knowledge with a fervent passion. We seek to arm the world with knowledge, interestingly unique knowledge. Our goal is to answer those questions you may have once pondered, but have since long forgotten. The mysteries we explore aren’t essential to your daily life, but can & will enrich it.

We write our articles with the layperson in mind. Our goal is to produce content which can be easily absorbed given the often complicated nature of the subject matter. One of our biggest goals, and perhaps the most important, is being scientifically and factually accurate. We work hard to cite and vet our sources, and reference only the most respected scientific journals. Rest assured that the claims and facts presented by are as accurate as the science allows.

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy! We want you to learn something new today.

For general inquiries, copyright inquiries, interested in advertising with us or simply want to contribute, you can contact us here, email us at or find us on Google+.

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