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Zidbits – Learn something new everyday! | March 28, 2015

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Are Nagasaki And Hiroshima Still Radioactive?

November 13, 2013 | 1

During WW2, the U.S. dropped not one, but two nuclear bombs on Japanese cities. It led one reader to ask, “Are Nagasaki and Hiroshima still radioactive?”Read More

Did Penguins Once Inhabit The Northern Hemisphere?

November 3, 2013 | 1

The Southern Hemisphere is home to those familiar, black and white flightless birds we know as the penguin. But what about the Northern Hemisphere? Are there any species of penguin that once called the Arctic Circle home?Read More

How Long Will The Hoover Dam Last?

May 19, 2013 |

Even today, 75 years after it was built, it remains one of the largest, most reliable hydroelectric generators in the US. Something like that can’t last forever, can it? Does the Hoover Dam have a set lifespan or expiration date?Read More

Why Is The Bunny Associated With Easter?

April 8, 2012 | 3

Easter is the Christian holiday which celebrates Jesus’s resurrection. Children enjoy treats brought by the Easter Bunny, coloring eggs and often enjoying some time off school as many school’s spring breaks are scheduled around this time. Where does the Easter Bunny come from, and what does it have to do with Jesus?Read More

What Is The Most Decorated Military Unit In US History?

December 10, 2011 | 6

In 1944, the most decorated unit in US military history was fighting fiercely on the European front. You’d be surprised to find out that their families back in the states were in an internment camp of all places.Read More

Did Stanislav Petrov Really Save The World?

May 20, 2011 | 5

It would certainly be nice to be credited with “saving the world”. The title of “World Savior” would normally lead to fame, money and your name cemented in the history books. But not for Stanislav Petrov.Read More

What Was The World’s First Robot?

May 15, 2011 |

When we think of robots, we normally think of electronic machines in the shape of humans – like cyborgs and androids – or other autonomous devices like the Roomba.Read More

Did The U.S. Ever Nuke The Moon?

May 8, 2011 |

During the cold war, the USSR and the US went to extraordinary lengths to gain an edge over one another. This was especially true with nuclear technology.Read More

Did America Have A Secret President?

April 8, 2011 |

Did America have a secret president at one point? Who was really running the country in 1919? Today we explore history little known facts.Read More

Why Did Kamikaze Pilots Wear Helmets?

March 1, 2011 | 2

If the Japanese pilots in WW2 were on a suicide mission, why did they bother to wear helmets? Today we clear up some misconceptions.Read More

An Earthquake Once Caused The Mississippi River To Flow Backwards

November 10, 2010 | 2

In addition to causing the Mississippi to flow backwards, the same earthquake also caused ‘Sand Blows’. How did all of this happen?Read More